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25 September 2008

...pinch me...

okay, well Oregon State University was a 26 point underdog this evening. We just wanted to come in an play well against USC, #1 in the nation. Can I just say that we won 27-21! I am not a fair weather fan, but really when we are 26 point underdogs.........

I was at the last home game against USC when we beat them 33 -31 and still remember the euphoria from that game!!!!

This is a dream come true!!! I don't care if we win another game this year .............IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE A BEAVER!!!!!!!!!


24 September 2008

...the meeting of great minds...

Just when you thought that everything had been done in the name of socks...........

I give you Sock Summit, 2009. Hang onto your hats folks, the ultimate in everything socks is going to happen in August of 2009. Run, don't walk to the web site and check it out! I promise you on all things that are holy, you will not be disappointed. I'm just going to say.......sponsored by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Let your imagination run wild...........

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22 September 2008

...a common cause...

Each year, I participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I have been doing this for about 16 years. Little did I know back the first year I participated in this event that it would come to mean so much to me.

Many of you know that my mom, Pat, was taken by this horrible disease about 4 1/2 years ago. I can't believe that it has been that long since she left us. I miss her each and every day, but never more than when I am surrounded by others that have been touched by this disease.

This year, I walked the race with my oldest daughter, Erin. We had a really good time, talking and laughing the whole way!

We had a great time and we were so glad to be involved in such a great worthwhile fundraising cause!

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16 September 2008


Several weeks ago, I fell prey to tapmouse's temptation of the Secret of the Stole III and just had to get in on all the fun! All I can say is there is a reason we teach our kids to "just say no". This KAL, while beautiful, is by far biggest knitting test I have had ever had!

First. It's lace. I love lace and would knit it all the time, but that would leave no time for socks, sweaters, etc. (except lace ones!). So by the very nature of the beast it has consumed me.

Second. There are beads. I have knit for a long time but never have incorporated beads. I thought, "how hard can it be?" Should be pretty easy.....until I had to frog back 3 rows and the beads that had been knit in went flying about the room as I frogged.

Third. It's a secret. Anyone who knows me knows that I love secrets....if I'm the one getting to keep them. This not knowing how the thing is supposed to turn out is killing me. Every Friday there is a new Hint posted to the Yahoo group and I guess the idea is that you take that week to knit up that hint and then wait for the next hint to be posted the next Friday. The first hint was posted on August 15th. If you keep up with the knitting you have a pretty good idea how the project is going to turn out.

The best part of this whole KAL is that I found a thread on Ravelry that really has made my SOTSiii experience bearable...."Turtle Club". For all of us that are pretty much bringing up the rear of this KAL. When I found this thread I rejoiced in my sisterhood of the extremely slow! It made me want to soldier on and finish what is sure to be a beautiful project that I am sure to be very proud of.

For your consideration, my progress thus far....

Did I mention that this is just the completion of Hint #1?

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