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02 May 2014

...back to school...

This weekend is Mom’s Weekend at Oregon State University.  It's an event that has been held at OSU for many years, in fact I remember when my mom came down and spent the weekend while I was a student there.  It’s a great event with a lot of really fun things to do including attending classes with your kid. 

I’ve gone to Mom’s weekend with both of my girls while they were students. Lots of great memories.  But this year was a little different.  This is the first time I have been to Mom’s Weekend while my daughter, Erin, is teaching there.  She has been teaching  in the Speech Communication department for several years but I’ve never been able to make it to see her teach.  But this year things lined up perfectly and I got my chance.   We come from a long line of teachers so it’s really wonderful to see her continue on with this family tradition.

It was fun to be a student again, but even more fun was watching my daughter take command of a classroom where all eyes (including mine) were on her, pens and pencils frantically scratched notes and hands were raised to ask questions.  Her lecture today was on emotions in communication and believe it or not I learned a thing or two.  The one thing I’m thankful for is that I don’t have any homework…

I drove home thinking that I know that Erin’s grandmother, who was a teacher, would be so proud to see how well Erin is doing in the classroom, following in her footsteps.  I know I sure am.  I sure wish she could have been there to see it too.

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