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25 March 2013

...52 weeks of happy (7/52)...

1.  new favorite coffee place.
2.  still life in knitting and coffee. That beautiful knitting belongs to him.
3.  a little tea shopping and sipping with a friend.
4.  one of the button walls at Britex Fabrics.
5.  new toy.  Wanna play?

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18 March 2013

...52 weeks of happy (6/52)...

1. New shoes
2. Pretty flowers
3. Farm fresh eggs from a neighbor
4. A few days in the city by the bay

Quite a mixture of happy things. What's your mixture look like?

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15 March 2013

...Dear Tina...

Dear Tina,

You and I have walked quite a long road.  From meeting for the first time at The Farmhouse Knit Shop when you brought in your first skeins of STR, to packing the first sock club in your living room with Rabia, down the road through 2 Sock Summits (complete with a Flash Mob),  Sock Camps, not to mention the countless shows, no matter how you slice it, that's a long road.

There have been many skeins, much laughter and a few tears throughout this journey.  We have shared olives,  crafts, a bit of knitting and a monkey or two...

I have felt very fortunate throughout this journey.  I have worked hard but have had a ton of fun.  I have met some fantastic people and done some really fun things through this and am grateful to you for all of that.  

Thank you for trusting me as your show coordinator for these years and thank you for showing me your colorful world.  The flowers are beautiful, as is the card.


Thank you again for all of it.  This says it all...

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." ~Dr. Seuss



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10 March 2013

...52 weeks of happy (5/52)...

1.  finding your place in the sun.
2.  favorite new project bag from A Verb For Keeping Warm.
3.  done with clue #1 of this using this.  Are you knitting along?
4.  working on a design with some of this.
5.  just because... he really don't care.

Did you find your place in the sun...maybe with some knitting?

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03 March 2013

...52 weeks of happy (4/52)...


1.  trunk show
2.  true signs of spring on my walk yesterday
3.  a new friend
4.  before (what a mess)
5.  after (now I can find any knitting book or magazine I own!)

I'm digging out my studio.  Took care of my library today.  The rest will be revealed as I make my way through it.  You won't believe what I'm finding in there...

Happy March!

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01 March 2013

...great day...

Trunk show - photo credit - Kate Huth - Thanks Kate!
Yesterday was my trunk show at Twisted.  It was amazing!  I was there with the talented Anne Berk and her beautiful things.  Anne is currently working on a book that should be coming soon and I can't wait to see it.  She's really clever!

Anne and I had a really great time and met some wonderful knitters.  Thanks so much to Shannon and Emily for hosting us!  If you are out and about for the Rose City Yarn Crawl you really should make sure you stop in and see them.  Twisted is a beautiful shop with the best customer service around!  

Happy yarn crawl!

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