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08 November 2007

Knit night

There was a gathering of some of the goddesses last night a one of our favorite places, As I have said before. Wine Styles is a great place and we always enjoy an evening of knitting there. Our group is always warmly welcomed by Sandy and Wendy. They let us move furniture around, laugh (really, really loudly), and generally have a good time together. They have snacks for us and of course the wine is unbelievable!

A new monkey was finished last evening. She is kind of a flirt (note the wink)

but she had no problem fitting in the the rest of the monkeys that were there. What a surprise!

They never stay out of the wine when we're there. They need to be watched more closely!

The fun group that was in attendance is below and includes (from left to right) cockeyed, tiny dancer, etta mae, hot flash, fraudbuster and dr. susan. The names have been changed to protect..................whatever.

~knit on

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05 November 2007


I came home today to a package from my Ravelry Scarf Exchange Pal! This is the first knitting exchange I have ever taken part in and am I glad I did. The scarf that Maggie knit for me is beautiful! She did it out of Dream in Color "Smooshy Sock Yarn" in the colorway chinatown apple. The pattern is the Haruha Scarf by Tikru. It is so wonderful! I don't know what I love more about it, the yarn or the lace pattern! She also sent me some wonderful goodies too!

Check out the photo below:

If you have never been a part of a knitting exchange find one and do it! It was really fun picking out the yarn and pattern and goodies for my pal. Almost as much fun as getting my package in the mail from Maggie!

Thanks again, Maggie! I love everything!

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02 November 2007


Wednesday, I finished my October socks for the Sock a Month KAL that I am a part of on Ravelry. Here they are:

I chose to do Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces Flamingo Stripe colorway as a tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As many of you know, I lost my mom, Pat, to breast cancer in April of 2004. Also, her birthday is on October 14th. These things somehow guided me when I was making my selection for my October Socks.

But while I was knitting them I began to think that really our society should really be "aware" of breast cancer all year long. Sure, everyone gets excited in October about help the cause, racing for the cure, etc. I even noticed that some of the college football refs were using pink whistles!

How many of us have had a mom, grandma, aunt, niece, sister, daughter, friend hit by this awful disease? I'm sure each of us can think of someone that has been close to us that was touched by this. But not just in October.

I was at a gathering not long ago and was visiting with 5 women that I didn't know very well. The subject of breast cancer came up and do you know that each of us has lost their mother to this disease? There was a very awkward silence for about 30 seconds and then someone said, " I guess I didn't realize that so many people I know have been hit with this."

I sometimes feel like I carry a soapbox around for those occasions when I hear of women putting off getting mammograms. "It's inconvenient", "It hurts", "I'm afraid". Well, when you think of the alternative.......nuff said.

I know that I'd rather face inconvenience, pain and fear then the possibility of what my mother went through.

Please get a mammogram every year.

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