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25 July 2009

...just like waiting for Christmas....

I can't even believe that I am about to say this......

only 11 more sleeps until Sock Summit begins. Yep, only 11. Actually, it's 12 for those of you taking classes and participating in the rest of the events. But for me, it's 11. That's when the Vendors start their move in process at the Convention Center. And what a fabulous group they are. And the stuff they are bringing! And I get to be in the middle of it all! I can't wait to meet these people that I have been conversing with via email. I feel like I already know them.

I also am getting that feeling I used to get when I was getting my kids ready for the first day of school....

Me: "Do you have your backpack?"

Daughter 1: "yep"

Me: "Where is your lunch money?"

Daughter 2: "In my backpack."

Me: "Did you brush your teeth?"

Daughter 1: "yep"

Me: "Where are your shoes/"

Daughter 2: "duh! on my feet."

Me: "You need a jacket."

Daughter 1&2: "MOM!"

The questions have been and will be different, I assure you. But even so, I have been preparing a spreadsheet, just to make sure......
I hope I don't ask anyone if they brushed their teeth.

11 more sleeps (if i can).....just sayin'.......


21 July 2009


I had the luxury of meeting my good friend irishgirlieknits on Saturday for coffee. Not only was it a great visit, but she had a present for me! I love presents, but this..........

is what she brought me. (the socks, not the dog) Monkeys in jabberwocky! I have a sweater in progress in this colorway and love it. But no socks! I so love them....and as you can see, Jake does too!
Thanks irishgirlie, I love you too!

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