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17 July 2007

Camp with the Goddesses.............

What do you get when you put a group of friends together in a mountain cabin with a bunch of wool and a lot of wine? A Riot!!!!!

The Goddesses have just returned from our latest adventure, a week at Camp Knitty-Ha-Ha! Actually the camp is held at our family cabin in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. The cabin is a great place to get away from it all and just enjoy each other and knit. As if this wouldn't be enough fun we decided we needed a theme for camp this year. We put our heads together and came up with..........sock monkeys. Yes, I said sock monkeys.

We each brought yarn and using a pattern that one of the goddesses found on the Internet we created our very own sock monkey. During the knitting and construction of said monkeys there was a fair amount of laughing, tears, swearing, frogging, muttering, etc. You get the picture. But when all was said and done we did come up with some pretty great looking monkeys! Each monkey seemed to take on a personality of it own as the were created. You can only imagine!

Each monkey was knit from the toes up, the "butt" next and then the torso, followed by the head. We knit the arms, mouth, ears and tail separately and stuffed and stitched them on. Then came the "features". We decided to needle felt on the eyes, mouth line, eyelashes, and various tattoos! All of the monkeys have heart on their chest but each has it's own special tattoo somewhere else!

After all of this the real fun began! We needed to have photos of our monkeys out and about doing what monkeys do. And believe me, they were very busy!

There was tree climbing,

.................................feeding ducks

..................and even riding in the canoe!

But at the end of the day I think that everyone, monkey and goddess alike would agree that the best part of Camp Knitty-Ha-Ha would have to be sitting on the deck and admiring the wonderful view with special friends!

~knit on~


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15 July 2007

What we are about.......

Welcome to the first, and surely not the last posting on Goddess Knitters! We are a fun group of friends that love to knit, laugh, drink wine, travel and basically have a great time together!

We are a diverse group. Some of us have children, some of us have grandchildren and one of us even has a great-grandchild! Our different backgrounds and love of all things fiber makes our times together wonderful and above all hysterical! (Ever laugh until you can't breathe?)

We have seen each other through many things; births, deaths, illnesses, kid problems, weddings, weight gain, you name it and we have probably handled it at one time or another!

But the best part about our group, besides the knitting (I mean really!) is our love and support for each other.

We hope you enjoy our blog and we welcome any and all comments!

knit on!

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