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22 March 2008

They are everywhere........

The Seven Words You Can't Say to a Sock Monkey.......

20 March 2008


I have recently discovered my love for fingerless mitts. I can't even begin to tell you how many patterns for these I have "queued" on Ravelry. I love them because the use a small amount of yarn and can be made quickly. I offer you my version of fingerless mitts. I call them "tailgater mitts". Enjoy!

On size 2 circular or dpns, using sock yarn at a gauge of 8 st per inch, cast on 48 stitches.

Join in a round being careful not to twist stitches.

k1, p1 rib for 1 inch.

ST stitch for 3"

Next round: Round 1 ~ k21, m1, k6, m1, k21

Round 2 and all even rounds~ k

Round 3 ~ k21, m1, k8, m1,k21

Round 5 ~ k21, m1, k10, m1, k21

Round 7 ~ k21, m1, k12, m1, k21

Round 9 ~ k21, m1, k14, m1, k21

Round 11 ~ k24, bind off 10, k24

Round 13 ~ (k6, k2tog)8 times

ST stitch for 1 inch

Bind off in k1, p1 rib.



18 March 2008

My heros

I have many heroes in my life. But in the knitting world they are as follows:

1. tina ~ a.k.a. depraved dyer of Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Her colors are freekin' amazing!

2. Melissa Morgan Oakes ~ author of "2-at-a-time Socks". Her method of knitting two socks at a time on one needle has truly changed my life!

3. Lucy Neatby ~ sock goddess supreme. If you don't buy anything else this knitting year, do yourself a giantic favor and get at least one of her fabulous knitting videos. You know what they say......"if one is good, six are better......" I own six.

By the by, the wonderful colorway is "titania" in STR lightweight, the pattern is Waving Lace
Socks by another of my heroes, Evelyn Clark.

I am not worthy............................

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