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28 September 2007

When good knitting goes bad.......

Thought you might want to start you weekend off with some fun. Many of you have probably seen this already, but I laugh out loud each time I watch it!

~enjoy :}

24 September 2007

Off to OFFF

Well the monkeys were on the loose again this weekend. Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival was in full swing and the goddesses were in attendance. It was hard keeping the monkeys out of the fiber and finally the great folks at Herndon Creek Farm Spinning and Weaving Supplies were nice enough to let the monkeys play in there roving.
They also wanted to try their hand (paw?, whatever) at spinning. Things got a little out of hand when Ettamae's monkey thought she should go first, Hot Flash and my monkey started to argue with her that it should be their turn and finally we had to separate them and get them away from the spinning altogether! Everyone wants to be in charge!

After that skirmish we took them to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth to see Tina and friends! We told them (the primates) that if they were on their best behavior they could sit on the table with some of the yarn. They were pretty good, except got quite nervous when people kept asking if they were for sale! Any more monkey business and the answer would have been yes!
All in all we did have a wonderful day there. Beside our favorite BMFA stuff there were lots of vendors with beautiful fibers of all varieties. It is such a great setting with some vendors being inside and others outside in the warm sun! Lots of animals to see and of course friends to meet and greet.
If you have never been to OFFF you need to mark your calendar for it next year. It is one festival not to be missed!

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