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28 November 2013


I had every intention of sitting down this morning and crafting this post, but here it is 10:00 pm and it's the first time I've sat down all day.

It's been the busiest of days lately.  Shopping, peeling, dicing, stirring, tasting, squeezing, dressing,  basting, baking...you get the picture.  You've all been doing the same thing for the past  48 hours.

My day started off with the 7th Annual Give and Gobble 5K run.

I ran it with my daughter, Kate.  She tried really hard to talk me into running the 10K.  I told her that there was no way.  Then we got to the starting line and I said, "Let's just see how we feel when we get to the split."  We crested the hill to where the race split off to the 10K and I said, "NO WAY."  She said, "Are you sure?".  "Yup, I'm sure."  As we crossed the finish line I turned to her and said, "You're not going to believe this but..."  She said, "I know, you wish we had done the 10K."  Yes, I really wish we had.  I felt great and should have done it.  Clearly, this is the goal for next year.

Home, after the run, to get the bird in the oven and start the rest of the dishes.  Family arrived, we had a great afternoon, ate a beautiful dinner and finally all of the dishes are done, leftovers are put away, and everyone but me is in bed, sleeping off the turkey coma they are all suffering from.  I can hear the snores from here.

How is it possible that it takes a week to prepare, 20 minutes to eat and 2 hours to clean up?  It just does, and you know what?  I wouldn't change it for anything.  I am so thankful that I was able to spend time with each member of my family today and so thankful that we had a great kick off to our holiday season.

Please excuse the lack of photos, I've been a bit busy...

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24 November 2013

Dear Erin...

32 years ago, almost at this exact time, your Dad and I welcomed you into the world.

And in those 32 years there have been some wonderful memories made.

Like the time when you were 7 and were trick or treating as a bag of jelly beans, your costume sprung a leak and you left a trail of little colored balloons all over the neighborhood.  Or the time when you were 5 and you rode your Big Wheel down our driveway (no small feat if you know what driveway I'm talking about) and the only thing that stood between you and death was our kind, observant neighbor, Larry Westerman, who caught you before you went off the bank and into a blackberry bush.  I think he heard you before he saw you.  You were screaming pretty loud.

Or the time when you were 10 months old and we almost lost you to meningitis.  Three weeks in the hospital, 4 day in ICU and you came through with only minor hearing loss.  It's pretty remarkable, but looking back on that we could see that you were a fighter.

Or the time when you were in 8th grade and you did a back flip off the diving board at the pool while we were on vacation, miss judged where you were and hit the board.  A ride to the emergency room in an ambulance with a cute EMT and 25 stitches later you were telling us that you were fine and asking if you could go swimming again that afternoon.  Sadly, the pool wasn't in your future for the rest of that trip.

Or the time when you were in college and you were lost (or at least I thought you were) in Germany on your way to Spain to study abroad.  This was before cell phones and we had no way of knowing if you had made it or not until you got to your host moms house and called  (several hours late) to tell us that your trip was amazing.  Your Dad told me the whole time we were waiting to hear from you that you would be fine, you knew what you were doing.  He was right.

We've learned a few things about you Erin, in your 32 years.  How you love your family more than anything in the world.  How you will walk across the street to pet a dog, any dog.  How you love sports of all kinds, especially golf.  And you are really good at most of them, especially golf.

How when you put your mind to something there is nothing that will or can stop you.

How you picked your major for college when you were in high school, never changed it, graduated in 4 years and when on to get you masters.  How you found your passion in teaching others about the things you know and love.

How you married the love of you life and have two beautiful daughters and how you strive every day to be the best wife and mother you can be.  Sometimes it's a bumpy road, but as you Dad has said before, you'll be fine, you know what you are doing.

How you have grown to be one of the most inspirational young woman we know.  And how you have taken Dad's words to heart and you "Always remember who you are and who you represent".

Happy Birthday, Erin.  We could not be more proud of you.


Mom and Dad 💗

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09 November 2013

...down the gradient rabbit hole...

Thanks so much for the fantastic response to both Spectral and Traliccio!  It's the first time I've worked with gradients and I am in love.  The way that the colors travel is magical!  If you haven't had a chance to get any gradients yet there are a couple of places you need to go:  Miss Babs Yarns and Fibers  and Black Trillium Fibres.  The assortment to choose from is mind blowing!

The patterns each feature one of these beautiful yarns.  Spectral is done in Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply Toes in the colorway Pegasus, and Traliccio is done in the color way Ivy (looks like it missing from the website right now, but I'm sure if you emailed Melanie you could get it.  She's nice like that).

The whole gradient thing is really interesting and there are so many ideas I have running around in my brain I've taken to carrying a notebook with me to get them down on paper.  Look for some more designs using these beautiful yarns in the future!

And as I said, if you haven't had a chance to get any of them for yourself GO NOW!

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01 November 2013


Introducing Traliccio!

Traliccio, Italian for trellis, is the perfect name for this infinity cowl worked in a beautiful trellis stitch pattern.  Traliccio is worked flat, beginning with a provisional cast-on, and then grafted together using the kitchener stitch.  
Whether you use gradient yarns such as a Black Trillium Pebble Sock Gradient kit or that special skein of a shaded solid in your stash, Traliccio will be your go-to cowl for fall and winter.

Ciao Bella!

Black Trillium Pebble Sock Gradient Kit [100% superwash merino; 380 yd/347m per 165 gram kit]; 
color: Ivy 
16 inch US 4/3.5mm circular needle( or needle to obtain gauge)
waste yarn,  yarn needle
Gauge:  28sts = 4" in stockinette stitch pattern after blocking.
Size after blocking:   circumference approximately 65 inches;  length approximately 7.5 inches.

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