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18 February 2010


So Madrona has come and gone. But not without some awesome purchases. Hold your breath....here we go......

first up, a beautiful batt from Heidi Parra at The Artful Ewe.

The skinny on this is as follows:

60% merino +
10% silk +
10% baby alpaca +
10% tencel +
10% mohair +
= 100% gorgeous
The batt is 2 ounces and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it....but really.....who cares?

next up - CASHMERE! Again from The Artful Ewe.

Yep, that's 3 ounces of the softest stuff I've every felt! Now, I know exactly what I'm doing with this bit of lovely. I'm going to spin it and make a 2 ply to knit something extra special for a little someone due in September. Can you say spoiled baby? Speaking of baby.....

I bought a kit from Myra at Fancy Image Yarn and knit these leg warmers on Saturday. They are so cute, really teeny and will look pretty terrific on those chubby little 'beaver' legs. If it's a boy....we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Aside from my purchases and working in the BMFA booth I did have time to take a really great class. I purchased a drumcarder last year and have been playing with it a little since then. I was lucky enough to get into Jill Laski's (Ashland Bay Trading Company) drum carding class. It was amazing. We spent the morning doing this ~

She gave us red, yellow and blue merino top and we blended the colors of the color wheel. My brain doesn't usually work this way, but after the day with Jill I think I finally get it. I learned so much in that class and I'm anxious to put this knowledge to work!

I got to see a bunch of old friends at the show. Mya, Stormy, Terry, Karen, Lisa, Judy, Shelia, Sam, Lorilee, Cindy, Sarah, Mary, Tracy, & Jen. I know there were more....
Tammy and her daughter Kim stopped by the booth and brought me this~

I love it! And Kim had filled it with homemade cookies! Thanks girls! The cookies were great, but seriously....the lunch box ROCKS!

Madrona was a blast as usual. Lots of laughter, fiber, friends, food and wine...(not necessarily in that order). Can't wait for next year!

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