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20 March 2008


I have recently discovered my love for fingerless mitts. I can't even begin to tell you how many patterns for these I have "queued" on Ravelry. I love them because the use a small amount of yarn and can be made quickly. I offer you my version of fingerless mitts. I call them "tailgater mitts". Enjoy!

On size 2 circular or dpns, using sock yarn at a gauge of 8 st per inch, cast on 48 stitches.

Join in a round being careful not to twist stitches.

k1, p1 rib for 1 inch.

ST stitch for 3"

Next round: Round 1 ~ k21, m1, k6, m1, k21

Round 2 and all even rounds~ k

Round 3 ~ k21, m1, k8, m1,k21

Round 5 ~ k21, m1, k10, m1, k21

Round 7 ~ k21, m1, k12, m1, k21

Round 9 ~ k21, m1, k14, m1, k21

Round 11 ~ k24, bind off 10, k24

Round 13 ~ (k6, k2tog)8 times

ST stitch for 1 inch

Bind off in k1, p1 rib.




  • At 12:29 AM, Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said…

    So cute! I love the fingerless mitts too! Great pattern :)

    Love the new blog look too!

  • At 7:44 AM, Blogger Rani said…

    I have been reading your blog. I love it! It sounds like you have a very special group of friends. Alas, I am the only one of my friends who Knits (with a capital K).

    Found your blog through We Hear Yarn. Would you ever direct my needles to your sock monkey pattern? I've been looking on-line and so far, I've only found patterns that involve a store bought sock and a sewing machine.


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