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18 July 2008

...traveling in style...

Well, I always knew that my sister-in-law knew how to do things right. Check out my "ride" she got me from the airport to her home in nearby Antioch.

Yes, it had a bar. No, I did not have a drink. Yes, I did some knitting during the 60 minute drive from the airport. Here is the final stages of my Shetland triangle in geisha, colorway "metamorphic". It's a shawl that has needed attention for some time now and I am almost finished!

Anyway, it was really a treat to ride in my very own limo! The next "ride" we have on our trip won't be a limo, but will be just as fun! See you down the road.....

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  • At 11:14 PM, Blogger tapmouse said…

    Be safe. Have fun! Don't get into too much trouble!(I thought *somebody* needed to say athe 'mom' things...)


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