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10 November 2011

...I call her my friend...

Anyone that knows anything about the knitting world knows who Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is.  She is the author of many knitting humor books, two of which made it on to the New York Times Best Seller list including her most recent book All Wound Up (#24).  Steph writes about everyday life things and told by anyone else I'm sure would not be half as funny.  She can take an ordinary situation and find great humor in it, and she leaves me in stitches every time.

I first met Steph about 6 years ago at Madrona where she was speaking.  As I sat there listening to her speak I thought, I think I could be good friends with this woman.  Our paths crossed many more times in the next few years and in 2009 I had the good fortune to work for her and Tina on both Sock Summit 2009 and 2011.  It was a pretty great experience.

I caught up with Steph briefly at Rhinebeck, which was the beginning of her book tour for All Wound Up.  She was swamped with knitters waiting to speak with her and get their books signed.  We exchanged a quick "Hi" and agreed that we would see each other at the other end of the tour when she got to Portland for her last book signing.

I met up with Steph before her signing at Powell's in Portland.  We caught up and it was great to spend time with her before she headed home to Toronto.  I'm not sure when I will see Steph again, but I know that when I do it will be like no time has passed.  That's the mark of a good friendship.

Congrats, Steph, on the success of the new book.  Well done, my friend.  Now get some rest....

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