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04 November 2011


While with Marcy on my east coast adventure we decided to do a bi-coastal knit-a-long. We found a darling hat called the Lotus Blossom Hat from Green Mountain Spinnery.  It's from the book "99 Yarns and Counting".  We spied the sample in their booth at Rhinebeck and fell in love.  After many trips back and forth to better lighting we settled on a skein of their natural and a skein of hand painted Simply Fine Yarn.  

Fast forward to Marcy's house and us sitting down to cast on our hats.  One crochet provisional cast-on and 9 rows later I discovered that while Marcy was knitting along in fine shape  I was, however, merrily creating a beautiful mobius hat band, which you may know is impossible to get on your head.  At first there was denial on my part.  I kept looking at it and thinking this is bad, no this is okay, no this is bad.....

After coming to my senses that it wasn't going to fix itself, I ripped back the 9 rows of 160 stitches each and cast on one more time.  By this time I was sweaty, my blood pressure was elevated and I was more than a little pissed.  (There may have been some language involved.  Thank goodness her kids were in bed.)

I got three rows done and put it away for the night.  I headed to Stitches East the next day thinking, "I'll have time work on this hat and I'll be caught up to Marcy in no time."  Right.

Stitches came and went and I settled down in my hotel room on the eve of my flight home, ready to knit on the hat.  This is when I discovered that the hat was in the box.......that I shipped home.  It wasn't in my suitcase, it wasn't in my knitting bag, it was no where in my hotel room or luggage.  (There may have been more language at this point.)

I flew home and watched and waited until a week later when the UPS man came up the driveway.  I ran out and met him in the driveway.  There was the box.  He said, "You must really have something special in here."  I said, "You have no idea..."

So now I am caught up with Marcy (I threatened asked her to wait for me so we could work together on them).  We are knitting along, bi-coastally, as if we are sitting side by side on her couch.  We show each other how we are coming along during our daily iChat sessions.  We have a finishing target date of November 18.  I'm sure I can finish by then, after all I only have to make one hat band...

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