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20 October 2011

...east coast adventure, part 1

I just have time for a quick post before I head here to finish setting up the Blue Moon Booth.  I just finished up the best 5 days ever.  First up Rhinebeck.  What an event!

The fiber, the food, the animals....so much to see.  It's like no other festival I have been to.  I bought a few things (more later on that).  We started the morning on what Knittinggolfer like to call the "magic bus"which left from WEBS.  It was great being with all of those knitters for the ride.  There were goody bags for all and door prizes.  The best part was that we were dropped off at the entrance, given a ticket for admission and away we went.

We got to see Steph briefly.  She had a huge line of knitters waiting to get her new book signed.
 I ran into Anne and got to show her my Rhinebeck sweater.  So exciting! 
 There was fried dough....
We finally got back on the magic bus at 4:00 and headed back to Webs.  What a day!!

From there I head to Knittinggolfers house for some rest before Stitches East.  It was so much fun to finally meet her family in person.  Her husband was great and her kiddos.....so much fun!  
Needless to say with 4 of them Marcy stays really busy.  There is always someone coming or going from that house.  In one day we were in the car no less than 7 times.  While I was there I got to see Emily and Nicole play soccer,

 Zac play baseball (coming into home!)
 and Erin do cartwheels.
  The kids even made me a welcome sign.

It was so great to be with such a wonderful family.  Thanks Marcy and Rick for your hospitality!

Now I am in Hartford getting ready for the opening night of the Stitches East Marketplace.  It's going to be a great show.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by booth #805 and see me!  

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