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20 August 2013

...Strung Along...

You probably have already read about this over at Stephanie's blog but I wanted to let you all in on some terrific news!
 This November, we are planning to gather in Port Ludlow with a few of our friends, and we're going to have an amazing retreat and it's going to be all about lace.   Judith MacKenzie will be there to teach spinning, Nancy Bush (Yeah, that's who I said.) will teach some fancy stuff, and Steph will be teaching as well!  I'll be there lending a hand.  We are thrilled to have found a way to do this, so let this be your official Save The Date.  We're all set to meet up there the evening of Friday November 15th, the classes will be the 16th, 17th and 18th.  More information and registration coming soon. (If you know for sure you want in, feel free to drop me a line.) 
If you'd like to follow along as this fledgling business takes a little flight, our new Twitter handle is @StrungAlongLLC, we'll update there, here, and on Steph's blog.   As Steph said, "Here's hoping we don't fall out of the nest."

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