Goddess Knitters

20 November 2011

...frost on the pumpkin...

Fall seems to be fading into winter rather quickly around here.  And as the autumn leaves drop from the trees,  the cold nights and frosty mornings appear to be here to stay.  I am always sad to see the leaves fade away but I do love the chilly weather as it gives me every excuse to bring out the hats, scarves and mittens.

I have been trying to keep up with Marcy and our Lotus Blossom Hat kal. But alas, she is done......sadly, I am not...  But I hope to be done soon and I hope that the darn thing fits (more on that later).

As for scarves... there is something new coming soon from the design table.  It's pretty and I think you'll like it!

And as for mittens?   There have been hints along the way.  Check back here tomorrow..... : )

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