Goddess Knitters

06 October 2013

...when you're little...

you love to swing,
 and slide,

look for frogs,

and climb,

hold hands,

and ride on a pig train.
 You're not crazy about having your picture taken,
 but you do love to feed goats,
slide in the hay maze,
 and laugh.
 But what you love best is sharing and hanging out with your sister.

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  • At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Leianne said…

    And with Lala.

  • At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Kathy C said…

    Couldn't agree more with Leianne. Those girls look extremely happy and I'm sure it's because they get to spend time with their Lala.

  • At 7:14 AM, Blogger dianne said…

    What a fun day!

  • At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Diane L said…

    And the greatest gift the universe gives us is that we get to enjoy it all with them and see it through their eyes.....what a blessing!


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