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23 May 2011


Thanks so much for the great stories about your knit nights! I loved reading about how they got started and what you all talk about! It was tough to chose! But after careful consideration I've chosen JoJo! JoJo email me at thestitchesofmylifedesigns@gmail.com and I'll send along a copy of Knit Night for you! Lorajean will be sending you a skein of Bling! Congrats!

To find out who the runner up is head on over to Lorajean's blog. She will be posting the winner soon!

Thanks for playing and long live knit night!

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  • At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Naomi Rozell said…

    Hello Debi,

    Unrelated to your post - I was walking home yesterday and passed a picture framing shop and in their window was a sock monkey wine bottle cozy. Made me laugh and smile and think of you.

    Kind of an odd thing to find in a framing shop - but they also featured some other chachkas too

    Do you own such a thing?

    Hope you are keeping warm by knitting.


    Crystal Belle - Naomi


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