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14 April 2011

...and the winner is...

In my post on Tuesday, I posed the question as to what I had to do that day along with this photo~

I got some pretty funny and clever answers! The actual correct question was:

"What do you use to repair a broken piece on your jumbo flyer and a broken elastic band on your scotch tension?" Both of these things happened when I dropped the flyer on the floor and broke off a piece, glued it back together with the gorilla glue only to discover that the elastic band was broken too. Of course I surely had a rubber band hanging around the house that I could use to fix it, right? Guess again....
A trip to Staples and $4.99 later I was the proud owner of not one or one hundred rubber bands but a bag of a 1000. They don't sell them in smaller amounts. Now I can rest easy knowing that when this rubber band breaks I have 999 more to take it's place. By the way, every spinner should have a tube of this in their spinning bag.....
...notice it's the"IMPACT TOUGH" formula.

Anyhow, after reading and re-reading the questions posted I have decided that the winner is.....drum roll please........ (remember, I didn't say the correct question, I said the best)....

Katharine and the securing of a honey badger, etc. Congrats Katharine! Email me at thestitchesofmylifedesigns@gmail.com and I'll send you the pattern of your choice!

Thanks for playing everyone!

knit on~

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