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05 February 2013

...so much to do...

We have had a busy, wonderful weekend.  As you might have guessed, we were on Paytan's schedule which was just fine with us.  First up, Home Depot and building a Valentine Box.
all together
and paint on the fingers!


This program the Home Depot has for little people is outstanding!  This is the second class that Paytan has attended
and she really loves this, especially the hammering and the painting!  And what comes after painting?  That's right, a bubble bath...

Actually, there were many bubble baths while she was here.  That kid loves the water!  But not so much having her hair dried.  After one such bath I remarked that we need to fix her hair and she said, " That's okay, LaLa.  I don't do hairdryers."  She settled for a towel.

The next great thing we did was a visit to the Portland Children's Museum.  When our girls were growing up we took many trips to the Children's Museum.  Taking Paytan was a walk down memory lane.  We did everything!
The very best thing for Paytan was the Grocery Store.  We went back twice!  She loved the shopping carts and the check stands.  I think when we go back she will be just as happy staying in there the entire time.

Pro-tip. You want to wear out a 2 1/2 year old?  Take her to the Children's Museum for 2 hours, feed her lunch and put her in the car.  She was snoring (loudly) before we made it out of the parking lot.  This is the sign of having a really good time.

While she was here we watched movies, colored, played with babies, stacked blocks, took naps (all of us), and rode on PopPop's 4 wheeler. 
The only thing we never got around to was the play dough.   Maybe next time...

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