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27 October 2007

Go EAST young monkey...............

STITCHES EAST! I had the privilege of traveling to Baltimore for Stitches East to work for your favorite depraved dyer and mine, Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts! What a blast! Kaci and I did our best to sell out all of the STR that was sent to the show. We really didn't need to do much more than take people's money and try to keep the line of frenzied buyers moving! I have never had that kind of experience before. I mean, I know and you know what Sock That Rock is all about, but those poor people on the eastcoast don't have as much access to this wonderful stuff as we west coaster do. Well, let me just say that when the market opened to the students for shopping on Thursday evening all I could hear was........"Get out of my way, hey, watch it..........I had that first!.............Let go!............That's mine!!" (that by the way, is the clean version). The only other thing I could hear were other venders yelling, "Blue Moon Ladies, WATCH OUT!" What a rush! I can only say that I started taking buyer's money and bagging yarn at 7:05 p.m. (Market opened at 7:00), and didn't look up or at my watch until 9:45 p.m. WHEW! And that was just the opening for the students!

The next day was more of the same, but I will tell you, even though it was fast and furious in the booth most of the time, I got to talk with some wonderful knitters! Everyone was so excited about the fabulous yarn there. But then, what else was I expecting!

While we were in Baltimore we did get to meet some celebs!

We met Kathy and Steve (a.k.a. "honey") Elkins, along with their fabulous crew from Webs and the podcast Ready, Set, Knit. The Webs Gang, as we started to call them after several days, were without a doubt some the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure to hang with! Needless to say, I spent a wad of money before the market opened one morning with the Gang's help and got myself some wonderful stuff! {....i wonder if Steve will ever recover from me calling him "honey" all the time......sorry 'bout that, Steve!}

As the title of this post indicates one of the monkey made the trip east. And even though this monkey was by herself, she was hard to keep track of! She really didn't need any of her fellow monkeys to encourage her! She managed to get around to several other vender booths to meet and make some new friends.............

tried to get into the daily drawing (literally),

somehow got into the fashion show without us knowing about it,

got shrinkwrapped in the stuff that was being shipped home,

found a place she wanted to visit before we left town,

we wouldn't let her! She's way too young and besides, you do know what they say...........you can take the barrel out of the monkey, but you can't take the monkey out of the barrel..........

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  • At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Melissa said…

    LOL! That has to be the silliest picture of me in modern history. It was a joy to meet you as well and I hope I'll get to meet up with you at Stitches West! <3 Maybe with a monkey of my own!

  • At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Absentee Goddess said…

    What a hoot! Glad you had such a great time and that you weren't too tired to shop after working the STR booth! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger Tina said…

    I think form now on it has to be a sock monkey run booth!!

  • At 6:51 PM, Blogger Linda said…

    That looks like too much fun--exhausting, but fun! I hope to see you at Stitches West!


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