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14 August 2007


Well, I have died and gone to heaven! Unless you are a knitter who lives in Antarctica and don't have the luxury of the Internet (do they have the Internet in Antarctica?.....hmm......) you have to have heard about the latest and greatest thing to hit the knitting industry! It's my newest obsession......Ravelry. This is web site is the greatest! Talk about being able to organize your stuff! The site is currently in the beta testing phase but is soon to come on line and as of now they are taking email addresses and sending invites as they can manage them. I got my invitation about three weeks ago and I can not go a day without getting on the site and "playing around" with my notebook, etc. It allows you to keep track of your projects, both finished and things on your needles, as well as your stash, books, needles, hooks, and on and on and on!

It lets you link to projects, patterns or fibers that other Ravelry people have used. You can exchange messages with other people on the site, search for ideas, join knit-a-longs and swaps, and list goes on. I was telling one of my daughters about the site the other day and she said, It sounds like MySpace for knitters!" This is exactly what it is, a community for fiber lovers!

I encourage anyone that even thinks they might want a little organization in their knitting to visit the site at
http://www.ravelry.com/ and check it out. You won't be disappointed, except by the wait for your invitation. But believe me, the wait is worth it!

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