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03 August 2010

...6 visits and counting...

Another long, overdue post. No excuses, just way overdue. Summer is flying by and I can't believe that it has been almost a month since we were at the cabin. The husband and I arrived on July 1st and it was beautiful. We are so fortunate to have this cabin. It has been in the husband's family since the 50's and every time we go there we say "Boy, this place is so great.....we should come here more often."

We had a great time fishing, boating and relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered! The husband headed home on July 5th just as the knitters came rolling in for our 6th year of knitting at the cabin. I'm sure he was glad to get out of there before the thundering herd arrived.

They came armed with wine, yarn, food and as always laughter. We started the week as we always do: Bloody Marys. It's not always about the wine.

We usually have a movie theme for the week. Last year it was Meryl Streep, the year before Kevin Kline. This year was a little different. James Bond vs. GLEE. There are some of our group that are not exactly thrilled with the idea of musicals. When I broached the movie subject at a pre-cabin planning meeting one knitter was heard to say "I HATE musicals" (you know who you are....) So when we discussed it further and came up with the idea of Bond vs. GLEE same knitter said she'd give it a try as she likes James Bond and had never seen an episode of GLEE. (NEVER?.....really.......NEVER!)

We started with Season 1, Volume 1, Episode 1. After the first 15 minutes......she was hooked. What can I say, it's just plain GOOD! We watched the entire dvd.........

Another tradition we have adopted over the years is to have a group knitting project. The past projects have included everything from bath mats to sock monkeys (guess who's idea that was?) This year our project was Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. What a great project! I had never knitted one and was really looking forward to it. In preparation for the trip we gathered patterns for everyone and each knitter selected her yarn. I also bought a copy of the Baby Surprise Jacket DVD. This dvd is outstanding. It's narrated by Meg Swansen and is done so that you feel like you are having a private chat with Meg while the two of you make this wonderful sweater together. Besides the knitting and construction of the jacket, there are also many tips and tricks that Meg shows. These are worth the price of the dvd alone!

We were a very productive group. Here is a sampling of the sweaters we worked on...
You can see that each sweater is as different as the knitter that made it. Yet, another successful group project!

We did do some other things while we were there.

That's Carol being pulled behind the boat! What a riot.
We also did a bit of fishing and were successful!

Carol caught 1, Leianne caught 2 and Heidi (who had never been fishing) caught 2 also! Who says that men are the best fishermen?

This group of women are very special to me. I love that I can share this beautiful place with them. Wonder what we'll come up with for next year?

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  • At 12:34 AM, Blogger IrishGirlieKnits said…

    So so special! Love all the baby surprise jackets, love the friendships,and love how beautiful it is there!!

    And I so agree on Glee. I still remember at camp Erica saying, "I don't really like musicals." I told her one episode because Tricia would kill us if we watched Twilight again. The girls were hooked..we got through the whole season....well, they watched the end of the last episode in the airport parking lot :)

    Oh, now I miss you and camp all over again :)

    Big hugs!

  • At 5:20 AM, Blogger knittinggolfer said…

    That's the stuff best friends foreva are made of!

    Ahem, you weren't drinking and driving were you? ;-)

  • At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What a fun thing to do! I love all the little sweaters on the clothesline!! Thanks for sharing....

  • At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Tece said…

    I'm not really anonymous....


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